9 Reasons You Should Visit Tulum, Mexico (AKA Paradise)

Move over Cancun because there’s another beautiful beach in Mexico that’s stealing the spotlight.

Tulum, Mexico is becoming somewhat of a hot spot for travelers. Unlike commercialized-Cancun, Tulum remains practically untouched by overwhelming development. Rather, a vacation to Tulum will be filled with relaxing trips to the beach, luxurious hotels, and some of the finest food you’ve ever tasted. In other words – it’s paradise!

The beautiful destination was recently named the top global destination on the rise by TripAdvisor travelers. As if the white sands and clear waters aren’t enough to make you want to a book a trip right now, here are nine reasons you should visit Tulum.

1) The Amazing Resorts

Tulum offers some of the most private and luxurious hotels. The private 9-room Mezzanine Hotel is the perfect example. When you stay at the Mezzanine, you can have freshly brewed coffee delivered to your room every morning. Plus, guests have access to a plunge pool and snorkeling equipment!

Tulum, Mexico 1

Via Mezzanine Tulum

Then there’s the Maya Tulum Resort, which is a seaside wellness resort that offers guests a wide array of activities to keep them in shape.

Tulum, Mexico 2

Via rrresorts

No matter what your price range is, there are plenty of quiet beachfront resorts to choose from.

2) The Delicious Food

Do you prefer eating healthy (even when you’re on vacation)? Well, Tulum is the perfect place for you. They have countless restaurants that offer organic and vegan options. Raw Love and Co.ConAmor are two of the most popular healthy restaurants in the area.


Via TravelChannel

Of course, located right on the beach, good seafood is extremely easy to find! El Camello Jr. is one of the most popular seafood restaurants in Tulum. That’s not to leave out the popular Hartwood bar and restaurant. Their menu changes daily and they catch all of their fish locally.

If you prefer to indulge in some not-so-healthy dishes, then you can find that too! There truly is a little something for everyone.

3) Snorkeling

The crystal clear water is just too enticing not to dive right into. Grab some snorkeling gear and check out some of the region’s best reef diving. The views are ones to remember!


4) Dos Ojos

Speaking of water, make sure to check out Dos Ojos. It’s a flooded cave system that’s located just a few miles from Tulum.

One of the top 10 longest underwater cave systems in the world, Dos Ojos has the deepest known cave passage in Quintana Roo, at 396 feet under the surface. It also has a bat cave that visitors can explore.

5) Relaxation

With spotty cell phone service and limited WiFi, Tulum is a great place to unplug and relax. Plus, you can’t beat the picturesque beaches.
tulum relaxation

6) Become One With Nature

There’s a great deal of wildlife in Tulum. Not only is it famous for its large population of sea turtles, but you will also see monkeys, flamingos, and more than 300 species of birds.

7) The Shopping

There are plenty of small boutiques filled with clothes, jewelry, and other knickknacks. You are bound to make a great find in one of the shops.

8) The History

Tulum is rich in Mayan history and they did a great job of preserving the ruins. Today, you will see a number of traditional Mayan buildings that date back to the 13th century. If you visit Tulum, you will definitely want to take one day to explore the ruins, many of which sit on dramatic clifftops. The views are incredible!

tulum mayan

9) The Night Life

While Tulum is a great relaxation spot, that doesn’t mean there aren’t great bars and dance floors. If you’re into techno music and want to show off your dance skills, then stop by the jungle bar Gitano Tulum. If you are more into the “chill vibe” then stop by the beach bar Ahau Tulum.

Okay … now you can go book your trip!