6 Tips To Find Cheap First Class Airline Tickets

first class

Flying first class will get you access to pre-boarding, a meal, better service, roomier seats, and a number of other luxuries that make a trip a whole lot more enjoyable. Of course, if you do a quick online search you may also see those first class airline tickets come at a much higher price. Or do they? Check out these six secrets that can help get you cheap first class airline tickets.

1) Get Alerts

There are a few ways you can get alerted about cheap airfare. One way is to sign up for an airline’s email newsletter. Within the airline’s emails, you will get word of any sales, coupons, or discounts going on. Most airlines let you sign up for their newsletter right on the front page of their website.

Other helpful newsletters and alerts for both domestic and international flights include:

2) Search One-Way Tickets

Buying one-way tickets vs a round-trip ticket allows you to fly with different airlines. This can be extremely cost effective since there are only a few cheap first-class tickets available per flight. While those seats may be gone for one airline, they may still be available with another.

3) Pay With The Right Credit Card

There are some credit cards that have deals with airlines, which means cheaper tickets for you. For example, if you use a World Elite MasterCard to pay for your flight, you can get between 15-30% off (depending on the airline).

Some other credit cards that grant you elite status may discount the cost of your flight, give you an automatic upgrade, or award you additional miles.

4) Member Cards

Certain membership cards will help get you cheaper airline tickets. For example, if you are an AARP member, you can get a $400 discount on many British Airways first class ticket purchases. That’s a huge discount! You can also look for discounted airline tickets as an AAA member.

5) Look Into Upgrades After You Purchase a Ticket

As long as you’ve purchased a ticket that allows you to upgrade (such as K-UP or Y-UP tickets), you may be able to get a discounted first-class upgrade. Sometimes these offers will be made before you check in. Other times an offer will pop up as you check in.

According to CNTraveler, “Delta will let you switch to a first-class fare on the same itinerary with no change fee, so if you see a good first-class fare open up after you book, call and lock it in.”

6) Airline Loyalty

If you stick with one particular airline, you will build up frequent-flier miles. If you are someone who travels often, then you will notice airline loyalty payoff in no time.