23 Mind-Blowing Sand Sculptures You Won’t Believe Are Real

As a little kid, do you remember toting your shovel and pail to the beach and attempting to build a sandcastle? Chances are your masterpiece reached about a foot off the ground (if that) and it was in the shape of your plastic sand castle pail.

If you thought your sand sculptures were cool, your mind is going to be blown when you see these 23 works of art. With such great detail and massive height, it’s pretty hard to believe these sand sculptures are actually made of sand.

1) Sand Hotel

Don’t you love the little cars in the driveway?

sand sculptures

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2) The Ultimate Sand Castle

This sand castle comes equipped with sand statues and amazing landscaping! This masterpiece was sculpted on a beach in the Netherlands.

sand sculptures 2

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3) Sand Castle With Arches

sand sculptures 3

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4) Castle In The Forest

Sand Sculptures 4

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5) Winnie The Pooh Castle

sand sculptures 5

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6) Castle With Waterfalls

sand sculptures 6

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7) Brick Castle

This sand castle was built in St. Helier, New Jersey.

sand sculptures 7

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8) Sand Resort With Private Pools

This sand resort was built on a beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

sand sculptures 8

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9) Wizard of Oz – Follow The Sand Brick Road

sand sculptures 9

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10) Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

sand sculptures 10-1

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11) Rapunzel’s Tower


sand sculptures 11-1

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12) The Simpsons

This sand sculpture was built for the Fiesta Sand Sculpture Festival in Portugal.

sand sculptures 10

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13) Humpty Dumpty

sand sculpture

Sand Sculpting Australia/ Via Facebook

14) Kind Triton Castle (The Little Mermaid)

sand sculptures

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15) Sand Dragon Protecting His Castle

This sculpture was built by Walter McDonald and William Lloyd for the 2008 Tournament of Champions in British Columbia, Canada.

sand sculptures 11

16) Praying Monk

This is another sand sculpture built by Walter McDonald and William Lloyd. This one was made for the Sandfest Competition at Port Aransas, Texas.

Sand Sculptures 12

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17) Underground Man

This amazing sand sculpture was built in Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia.

sand sculptures 13

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18) Here Is The Church and Here Is The Steeple. Open The Doors and See All The People!

This sand sculpture won second place at the World Championships of Sand Sculpture 2007 in Harrison Hot Springs.

sand sculpture 15

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19) World’s Tallest Sand Castle

Ed Jarrett broke the Guinness World Record for the Tallest Sandcastle for the fourth time on October 29, 2013. This sculpture stood 38 feet!

sand sculptures 16

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20) Sandcastle With Lights

sand sculptures 18

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21) Winding Stairs Castle

sand sculptures 21

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22) Shark In The Sea

sand sculptures 22

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23) Sand Bones

sand sculptures 23

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