Island Living: The 10 Best Islands To Move To

Imagine this — you are no longer stuck at work behind a desk all day. Instead, you’re outside feeling the strong sun beat down on your skin. You bike down to the beach, take off your shoes and feel the sand squish between your toes. Next, you strap on a scuba diving suit and swim with the fish. You may even take a few selfies with your underwater camera. Sounds like paradise, right?! Well, it’s not an unrealistic lifestyle! Check out the 10 best islands to move to!

1) Hvar, Croatia

Hvar is said to be the sunniest place in Europe, with 2,715 hours of sunshine every year! All of that sunshine means you’ll be spending plenty of time outside — biking, hiking, and heading down to the beach. A trip to the sea doesn’t have to take you too long. There are reasonably priced waterfront villas that will give you breathtaking views. On the weekends, change up the scenery by hopping on a ferry and heading over to one of the neighboring islands!

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2) Culebra, Puerto Rico

Culebra is a tiny island located 15 miles off the east coast of Puerto Rico. The year-round population is about 2,500! This remote island is perfect for people looking for privacy and relaxation. For the days you need “more,” a few dollars will get you a ferry ride to mainland Puerto Rico.

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3) Ambergris Caye, Belize

Life is way simpler in Ambergris Caye, Belize. Locals get around by golf carts or bicycles. People who call this English-speaking island home can also enjoy a tax-free lifestyle!

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4) Bocas Del Toro, Panama

Panama is said to have the best retiree benefits in the world. There’s no minimum age requirement to be considered a retiree and collect benefits in Panama. You just need proof of pension. Along with being retiree-friendly, the homes are reasonably priced! Who knew you could find a home in the $200,000 price range and get these great views!

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5) St. Thomas, USVI

As a U.S. territory, St, Thomas is an extremely easy island for American’s to move to. It’s easy to travel back and forth to see family who are living in the States. Plus, you can’t beat the weather. Seriously … the average winter temperature in St. Thomas is 77ºF and the average summer temperature is 82ºF! St. Thomas is also pretty built up compared to some of the other islands. They have public transportation and major home improvement stores.

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6) St. John, USVI

St. John has many of the same benefits as St. Thomas does. Because it’s a U.S. territory, a move here is pretty easy. With gorgeous weather all year round and 7,000 acres of National Park, you can expect to “be one with nature.” Your days will be filled with hiking, biking, boating, swimming, diving, and more!

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7) Palau

If you’re looking for an island with spectacular diving opportunities, then pack your bags and head to Palau. Along with the breathtaking water, most islanders speak English and they use U.S. currency.

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8) Tuvalu, Fiji

With reasonably priced beachfront properties, this expat community is growing! Approximately 10,000 happy people live on the island. I say “happy” because Fijians are known as the happiest people on earth. It’s said, people in Tuvalu gain their social status not by money, but rather by kindness.  Additionally, English speakers can get around just fine since that’s the language that is spoken in area schools.

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9) Turks and Caicos

Turks and Caicos is a British Territory composed of a tax-free, offshore jurisdiction that is said to be virtually crime free. With average temperatures ranging from 85 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit year round, this island is a true paradise! Additionally, non-stop flights make trips back and forth to the States a breeze.

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10) Maui

Gorgeous beaches, tons of outdoor activities, delicious restaurants, and nice people … that’s what you get when you move to Maui! It’s also been called a great place to raise a family since the education system is on par with major American cities.

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