MUST SEE: 17 Breathtaking Island Photos From Around The World

From remote islands to popular tourist destinations, these 17 island photos from around the world will make you want to pack up your bags and plan a trip to paradise.

1) Panama

Panama has seen a spike in tourism over the last few years. After taking a look at this breathtaking photo, it’s easy to see why!

island photos - Panema

2) Tahiti

People love to visit Tahiti and stay in these overwater bungalows. Did you know the first one was built in 1968?

Island photos - Tahiti

3) Figi

Beautiful views, great weather, fun outdoor activity … need I say more?!


4) New Caledonia

Around 100,000 people visit New Caledonia every year!

New Caledonia

5) Seychelles

Seychelles is about as picturesque as it comes! This is a photo of island La Digue, known for its giant boulders and stunning water.


6) Jamaica

Jamaica is a Caribbean island known for its beautiful rainforests and reef-lined beaches. The gorgeous weather makes it a year-round hot spot for tourists.


7) Belize

The Great Blue Hole is a giant sinkhole off the coast of Belize and a scuba divers dream!


8) Dominican Republic

Every week, about 50,000 people visit beautiful Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. No need to question why the area is so popular. With turquoise water and golden sand, the island is truly paradise.

Dominican Republic

9) Grenadines

The Grenadines is an island chain that’s part of St.Vincent and Grenada.


10) Kauai

Along with aquatic activities, go zip lining through Kauai’s stunning terrain. Talk about natural beauty!


11) Zanzibar

Off the coast of East Africa, Zanzibar is rich in history and features some of the world’s best beaches.


12) New Zealand

New Zealand is a country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. A trip here is filled with great snorkeling opportunities and views of volcanoes.

New Zealand

13) Bali

Rich in history and spirituality, this is the ultimate spot to relax, explore and recharge!


14) Greece

Historic and stunning!


15) Tasmania

Tasmania is an island off Southern Australia and it’s said to have the cleanest air.


16) St. Lucia

Located in the Caribbean, St. Lucia is known for its breathtaking volcanic beaches and rainforests.

St. Lucia

17) Langford Island, Australia

The island may be small, but it’s gorgeous. A trip here is pretty surreal. Plus, you can venture out to the sand strip for an afternoon picnic, swim or sunbathing session.

Langford Island, Australia