17 Amazing Diving and Snorkeling Photos That Will Inspire You To Jump In

If you’ve ever gone snorkeling or scuba diving then you know it’s an experience you’ll always remember. There’s something magical about swimming side-by-side with a school of fish or taking a selfie with a sea turtle. That’s not to mention the amazing up-close views of the coral reef. There are great snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities all around the world — from Florida to Australia. If you haven’t explored the deep blue sea yet, then you should definitely take a look at these 17 diving and snorkeling photos. They’ll inspire you to book your dream island getaway ASAP and dive into the breathtaking water. 

1) Bermuda

snorkeling photos

2) Phillippines

skorkeling 2

3) Mauritius, Indian Ocean

scuba 2

4) Maldives, Indian Ocean

snorkeling 4

5) Red Sea, Egypt

snorkeling 5

6) Phuket, Thailand

snorkeling 6

7) British Virgin Islands, Caribbean

snorkeling 7

8) Bunaken, Sulawesi, Indonesia

snorkeling 8

9) Red Sea, Egypt

snorkeling photos 9

10) Poda Beach, Krabi, Thailand

snorkeling 10

11) Tahiti

snorkeling 11

12) Tahiti

snorkeling 12

13) Tropical Reef, Hawaii


14) Hawaii

snorkeling 14

15) Baja California Sur, Mexico

snorkeling 15

16) Grand Cayman Island

scuba diving 16

17) Egypt

scuba diving 17

When you book your island getaway, make sure to bring your underwater camera!