The Top 3 Reasons Americans Don’t Take More Vacations

Beautiful beaches, relaxation, romance, adventure … we all dream of going on vacation for one reason or another. We all love the time we get to step away from our everyday responsibilities and just escape. So if we all love it so much, why are such few Americans taking time off and going on vacation? It’s not like we don’t get paid time off from work. In fact, a study conducted by the U.S. Travel Association found that Americans accumulated some 429 million unused paid days off in 2014. Those are paid days off that Americans decided not to use. So the big question is … why?

Several studies have found the answer is fear. People are afraid of a few things:

1) The Work They Will Face When They Get Back

Anyone who has ever come back from a relaxing vacation to find an overwhelming amount of emails in their inbox and paperwork piled high on their desk knows the feeling of after-vacation stress. A 2014 study conducted by Glassdoor found that many Americans actually work while they are on vacation in fear of falling behind. That same study found that about 17 percent of Americans are afraid of being seen as replaceable or, worse, actually being replaced.

2) A Family Emergency Will Call For Time Off

People are also afraid to use up their vacation time in case of a family emergency or some other unforeseeable event. According to a study by Robert Half International, about 40 percent of employees said they’re “saving vacation time in case they need it.”

3) Traveling Could Be Dangerous

Research shows that safety and security are the most important factors when choosing an international travel destination. Since 9/11, the recent Paris attacks, and a number of other devastating events, a lot of people are afraid to travel.

Could Americans Benefit From Taking More
Vacation Time?

According to a group of employers, the answer is yes. According to a survey by The Creative Group, about 40 percent of executives think employees would be more productive if they took more vacations. Only 9% of employers think productivity would “decrease significantly.”

If you ask us, vacations are always a good idea. So click around this site, find your dream location, and book a trip!