First Ever ‘Sky Pool’ Gives Swimmers An Incredible View

If you thought infinity pools were impressive, just wait until you see this ‘sky pool’ that dangles 10 stories above the ground.

In London, developers are building an 82 feet long, 16 feet wide, and 10 feet deep pool in the sky. The thick, clear glass tub will connect two luxury condo buildings. Since the pool will be transparent, when people take a dip, they will be able to look down and see cars whizzing by and people strolling down the sidewalk. Developers say it will feel like swimmers are floating through the air in Central London.

sky pool

Via Today

Along with the pool, the condo will feature a ‘sky deck.’ This area will include a bar, spa, and amazing city views. Condo prices start at 602,000 British pounds, or about USD $944,000.

The futuristic ‘sky pool’ will be ready for swimmers in 2018.