THIS Is What an $18,400 Airline Ticket Gets You

Forget first class … Singapore Airlines is offering their passengers an even better flying experience. I’m talking about private rooms with sliding doors, leather armchairs, flatbeds, flat screen televisions, video-on-demand, and a private chef that cooks 5-star restaurant quality food. It’s called the Suites Class and it’s the most luxurious class of flying that’s available commercially.

The only downside? Most people would have to blow their entire life savings on a ticket! A round-trip ticket costs up to SGD $23,000 (or USD $18,400). Lucky for us, one man named Derek Low sprung for a ticket and documented his whole trip! Check it out:

Low was granted access to a luxury check-in lounge, bell-hop to carry his luggage, and access to “The Private Room.”

$18,400 airline ticket

Via Derek Low

Once he entered The Private Room, Low was greeted with champaign and A LOT of food!

Private meal 1private meal 2Private meal 3

Via Derek Low

After Low boarded, he was escorted to his suite. It featured a leather armchair, plenty of room to stretch his legs, a flat-screen television, and a little desk.

the suit

Via Derek Low

A complimentary glass of Dom Pérignon helped Low settle into his suite.


Via Derek Low

Here are some of the perks provided to Low while on board:


Via Derek Low

Just in case the three-course pre-boarding meal wasn’t enough, his private chef whipped him up a four-course meal! Low enjoyed this Vanilla Bavarois with Raspberry Coulis for dessert:


Via Derek Low

Of course, all of that food does make one tired. Airline attendants transformed Low’s suite into a bedroom. Check out the full-size mattress:


Via Derek Low

After a 6-hour nap, Low woke up to more food. MMMMM … lobster!


Via Derek Low

These are just a few of the meal photos Low shared from his trip to New York. While he said he did get off the plane when it landed, it’s pretty fair to say, he was looking forward to his luxurious ride home!