When Pigs … Swim? Find Out Which Island Lets You Swim With Pigs!

When you book an island vacation you may plan on swimming with dolphins, little fish, stingrays, or perhaps even sharks. But what about pigs? Chances are, swimming with pigs isn’t something that’s currently on your bucket list. Well, that might change after you read this.

There’s an island in the Bahamas where pigs are often seen doggy-paddling next to tourists and floating up to boats looking for a snack. A family of about 20 feral pigs and piglets live on the island of Big Major Cay, in Exuma. It’s unknown how the pigs originally came to Big Major Cay, since they aren’t native on the island. However, since their arrival they have become a big hit with guests. Now, the area is nicknamed “Pig Beach.”

swim with pigs 1

Getting the chance to swim with pigs is a major attraction in Exuma. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to swim with them? It’s definitely an experience you’ll never forget.

Along with swimming, these pigs love to play in the sand and lay in the sun. Plus, since the pigs are extremely friendly with tourists, you can get some amazing photos with them. Check out this little dude chilling with a pig:

swim with pigs boy

The swimming pigs have become so popular that they have even inspired a children’s book titled, “The Secret of Pig’s Island,” by Jennifer R. Nolan.