The World’s Most Expensive Places To Live (Plus, The Cheapest)

Life … it’s pretty expensive. From the house you live in, to the food you eat, it all costs money. A lot of money. For some people, though, the cost of living is substantially higher.┬áMuch of that has to do with your location. That’s why the international moving company Movehub put together this amazing infographic. Breaking it down by country and color, this infographic highlights the world’s most expensive places to live. Plus, it also shows the cheapest places to live.

most expensive places to live

Via MoveHub

So, where does your home fall on the cost of living scale? If you live in the western world, you were probably able to guess by the high cost of your monthly bills that your area would be pretty high up on the list. But some of the countries on this list may have surprised you!