Futuristic Windowless Plane Gives Passengers A View Like No Other

If you love sitting in the window seat when you travel, then you are going to love this futuristic concept plane.

The U.K. company Centre for Process Innovation has unveiled a commercial plane, unlike anything you’ve ever flown in before. Cameras would be mounted outside of the aircraft. Then all of the windows would be replaced with full-length smart screens. On those screens, the video feed would play, allowing  passengers to see a panoramic view of what’s happening outside of the plane.  The view is pretty insane!

windowless plane feature

CPI/ Via YouTube

Along with the clouds, passengers would be able to change their screen to check their email, watch a movie, and surf the internet.

This concept plane isn’t all about looks. By replacing the aircraft’s walls with smart screens, the walls will be thinner, stronger, and weigh less. By ditching some of those extra pounds, fuel costs will lower. Could this possibly mean cheaper seat tickets for passengers? We sure hope so!



Don’t expect to board this windowless plane for quite a while, though. Makers say the design is still about a decade away from taking off.