Watch: Stunning Video of Tahiti Will Inspire You To Travel

Stunning turquoise water, white sand, and green-covered mountains. The island of Tahiti is certainly a gorgeous sight. That’s why photographer Tim McKenna decided to grab his drone and capture this amazing aerial footage of the area’s most breathtaking beaches, resorts, pool parties and more!

Tim McKenna/ Via Vimeo

Wow … don’t these island views make you want to book a trip? As you can tell by the video, a vacation to this popular French Polynesian island offers a little something for everyone. It can be filled with relaxation or adventure. Here are our top six takeaways from the memorable video:

1) Big waves and gnarly surfing

tahiti surfing

2) Picturesque land formations

tahiti island 2

3) Paradise-like resorts with amazing views

tahiti island resort

4) Overwater bungalows

tahiti bungalows (1)

5) Big pool parties

tahiti island pool party

 6) Swim with the sea creatures

tahiti swim with creatures